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 Preparations issues

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PostSubject: Preparations issues    Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:19 pm

My finals are currently over for now and I have time to work on the server. It might take around a week to get all the basic functions of a normal functioning server down. Soon we can go to live beta testing where I'll be hosting to test multiplayer functions.

Before the server goes officially live we have preparations.

1. New forum
This forum belongs to Reaper who is inactive now. None of us has any control over the forums. I have no interest in managing a forum, but it is necessary to have a forum to discuss things about.

2. Host
I can host the server, but not for long periods of time. Full time hosting requires a VPS. Before we can go full 24/7 we need a decent player base size. Hosting 24/7 is going to rack up a massive electricity bill.

3. Proper staffs and rules
It was a bad habit that I use to make in the past when I first started by making many players staff to keep players. We need a proper small staff base. Most people who get power tend to become corrupt from power trips. The host/other old staff members won't be on 24/7, but we do need proper human management of the server. Power comes with responsibilities not something to gloat about.

4. Content
RSPS is just about as dead since most servers have no uniqueness to them. You can find plenty of Project Insanity bases with 500+ custom items and maps. We need proper content to keep players. Emp scape was a pretty popular server and it wasn't super flashy, but it kept players. This is also similar to Frugoo scape.

5. Difficulty vs Rewards
In Allstar servers, it was super easy to level up to 99 everything in a short amount of time. After they get 99 everything they get bored and quit. Party hats and other high level gear was given out like candy. But if we make it too hard players rage quit.

There might be more areas to expand on, but I feel these are pretty important at the moment. Feel free to leave any feedback.
I hope to see old members join the live beta testing soon when I get down all the single player functions down first.
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Preparations issues
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